Mission and Values

Our mission is to support electronic industry companies in continuous development and introduction of products that improve people's quality of life and push the world forward. We aim to achieve this goal by:

Continuously improving the quality of our services


Ensuring timely delivery of products


A professional and individual approach to the Client.


Professionalism, teamwork, dialogue, and flexibility are the values that we cherish most at ELECTRO-WELLE. We believe that a sincere, trust-based relationship with the Client is the best recipe for success.

Why Trust Us?

Professionalism combined with flexibility and individual approach to clients’ needs are the values we cherish the most at ELECTRO-WELLE. That’s why we are always ready for new challenges, offering our partners comprehensive services and the highest quality – both for single modules and highly complex systems.

The path to our company’s effective operation includes:

  • ongoing investment in the development of machinery and infrastructure,
  • regular training and raising staff qualifications in assembly technology,
  • using only proven suppliers and the best PCB manufacturers,
  • precise and detailed controls at every assembly stage to ensure orders meet the highest quality standards and are delivered on time.

With our clients’ best interest in mind, we are very flexible in terms of order completion deadlines – even if they are extremely short.

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