Our specialty and main business activity is contract electronics assembly.

Covering the full range of activities related to the production of electronic subassemblies. At ELECTRO-WELLE, we deal with both the assembly of individual modules as well as complete systems and devices for various industries.

THT/SMT Assembly

At Electro-Welle, we deal with the assembly of electronic components in all commonly used technologies – both in surface and through hole technology mounting.

Thanks to our experienced team and modern machine park, we offer:

  • SMD, THT, and mixed assembly,
  • paste and glue SMT assembly,
  • CSP, BGA, microBGA assembly – also small series,
  • single and double-sided, mixed SMT+THT assembly,
  • electronic components assembly,
  • manual assembly of through-hole components,
  • manual assembly of individual prototype units,
  • through-hole components formation,
  • reflow soldering, wave soldering (lead-free), selective soldering (wave) or manual soldering (lead-free / leaded).

We guarantee strict quality control at every stage of the production process and adherence to the highest quality standards. Moreover, we also offer ICT and functional testing.

How do we carry out the contract electronics assembly process at ELECTRO-WELLE?

In our spacious, modern production facility, there are six fully automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly lines, two Through Hole Technology (THT) assembly lines, and two machines for selective assembly of THT components.

Through Hole Technology Mounting

Our THT assembly lines use neutral gas (nitrogen) soldering process protection, contributing to better solder quality and reducing soldering defects (solder shortages, shorts). By using machines for selective soldering of THT components, we can place and machine-solder components that would normally have to be hand-soldered in projects where the layout/assembly of SMD components prevents classic wave soldering.

As a result, our clients receive final products of the highest quality and reliability.

Forming of through-hole components before THT mounting is carried out using an automatic (pneumatic) forming machine, as well as manual machines. For non-standard design solutions, we adjust the process to the clients’ individual requirements, ensuring they receive exactly the product they need.

Surface Mount Technology Assembly

Our company is characterised by high production flexibility, which is possible thanks to several surface mount (SMT) assembly lines and the ability to retool them relatively quickly. This enables us to undertake the production of both short and long series of boards in various variants.

To meet the growing demands of our clients (especially in the context of LED strip assembly), we have adapted two of the six lines in our SMT machine park for transporting boards and assembling components on base materials ranging from 50-1200 mm in length. The line can not only produce boards on rigid base materials (FR4, aluminium) but also assemble flexible “flex” circuits (on appropriate base panels). The production capabilities of our LED line are about 3 million SMD components per month.

For small but demanding SMT production series, we offer reflow soldering in Galden vapors, enabling the soldering of even the most complicated electronic packages.

Components for SMT/THT assembly can be consigned. Meeting client expectations, we also offer component assembly according to BOM, thereby relieving our contractors of the obligation to have their own warehouses.


Quality control at every stage of the production process

All circuits produced by us undergo several stages of quality control – from SMT printer paste application control, through SMT reflow oven and THT machines soldering state control, to optical AOI tests of semi-finished products. Upon client request, we also perform functional tests.

All SMD and THT assembly is conducted in accordance with IPC-A-610G standards.

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