Responding to clients’ requirements, we have introduced the service of securing electronic packages with conformal coatings to our regular offer.

The package securing process is preceded by board and components surface preparation by washing in the Compa Clean III machine.

Selective coating in the PVA Delta6 machine is the next step. Programs created on the machine allow coating selected areas of the board along with components and leaving uncoated contact elements and other elements and areas that do not require coating. The machine can apply the coating via an atomizing spray valve or – if necessary for a given project – dispensing the coating with a needle-ended valve.

The coating protects finished modules from environmental factors, including the destructive effects of moisture, and reduces the impact of active vapours and smoke.

Coating boards containing LEDs is an example of such protection. We perform the coating of LED lighting modules using transparent coating, which has a minimal effect on raising the colour temperature of the light source.

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