At ELECTRO-WELLE, we specialise in manufacturing devices, modules, and complete systems for various sectors of the electronic industry.

Our services are utilised by, among others, the lighting industry (including emergency lighting manufacturers), medical, and cosmetic sectors. The devices and modules we produce are also used in smart home systems, vehicle monitoring, and access control systems (monitoring, intercoms, etc.).

Our offer includes:

  • supply of printed circuits and paste templates for SMT printers;
  • full assembly of electronic components;
  • production of through-hole components;
  • assembly:
    • SMD and THT compliant with IPC-A-610G standards,
    • CSP, BGA, microBGA, including prototypes and small series,
    • boards made of rigid and flexible materials up to 1200mm in length,
    • wave soldering with high-purity nitrogen installation,
    • components – cable harnesses,
    • manual assembly of prototype units,
    • final assembly;
  • functional and ICT testing;
  • reflow soldering, wave soldering (lead-free), selective soldering (wave), manual soldering (lead-free or leaded);
  • cutting and processing of wires;
  • wire marking;
  • crimping connectors on wires;
  • assembly of wire harnesses;
  • AOI optical control;
  • printed circuits coating;
  • production of cabinets and housings (metal) for electrical devices according to client requirements.

We can undertake standard as well as unconventional production projects, ensuring timely delivery.

In projects requiring exceptional attention to detail, we always precisely determine with the client the key operations of the production and warehousing process, including:

  • component delivery schedule,
  • testing and diagnostic procedures at specified production stages,
  • final tests.

We approach each order diligently and comprehensively, whether we are assembling systems for prototypes or mass production.

Additionally, upon the client’s request, we also offer:

  • production components procurement,
  • warehouse management and operation,
  • technical preparation for production.

Contact us and find out how we can help you.

How can we help you?

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